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Wellness and Senior Pet Exams

It is very important to your pet's health to have a thorough examination every 6-12 months. This allows minor problems to be diagnosed early and treated. In addition, it is very important for senior pets, over the age of 7-8 years, to have bloodwork testing to pick up minor changes in the organ systems hopefully before they become a problem.


Sick Pet Exams

Unfortunately our pets do become sick, and we will examine and perform the necessary testing to diagnose their condition. In the event that your pet needs hospitalization or critical care, we will refer you to a full service hospital that we work closely with. If your pet has an emergency, we will make every attempt to get to you as soon as possible. If we are too far from your location, we may refer you to a nearby hospital for quickly needed care. Please see our appointments page for information on after hours or weekend emergencies.


Price will vary depending on vaccines recommended and dose of dewormer needed (by weight). Call for pricing.

Canine Annual:

• Exam

• Intestinal parasite check

• Heartworm test

• Rabies vaccination

• Distemper-Parvo combo vaccination

• +/-Bordetella vaccination

• +/- Lyme disease vaccination

• +/- Lepto

Feline Annual:

• Exam

• Rabies vaccination

• Upper Respiratory combo vaccination

• Deworming

• +/- Feline Leukemia vaccination

Licensing requirements:

All dogs and cats residing in the State of Tennessee are required to have a valid rabies tag with vaccine yearly.  Any dog or cat within the city limits of Knoxville are required by animal control to have a valid Knoxville City tag.

Surgical Services

• Canine spay/neuter

• Feline spay/neuter

• Soft Tissue Surgery

• Feline declaw



Dental cleaning and other dental services

It’s a fact – pet dental is one of the most important health related topics pet owners need to address. The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of periodontal (gum) disease by age three. The report goes on to say that periodontal disease is the number one disease among dogs and cats! So if you are not part of the 10% that are already doing something for their pets’ oral health, now is the time.



We recommend the initial puppy/kittten vaccination series to extend from 6 to 15 weeks of age. During this time period the immunity derived from the mother is decreasing, and the puppy/kitten needs to build up its own immunity. This is extremely important in the prevention of deadly diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, and panleukopenia. Adult animals should also receive their vaccinations annually.


Vaccine titers are also available for some diseases. Please ask for more information.


Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Testing

It is recommended by the Companion Animal Parasite Council to check dogs and cats for intestinal parasites 2-4 times in the first year of life, then 1-2 times per year as adults. All pets should also be on year-round parasite control against heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks. Puppies and kittens should receive dewormer beginning at two weeks of age and continuing every two weeks until regular broad spectrum control begins. Dogs should be tested for heartworms annually and stay on a heartworm preventative year round.


In-House Diagnostics

We have the ability to perform many bloodwork tests including complete blood counts, serum biochemistry, urinalysis, heartworm, and intestinal parasite testing. We also use commercial laboratories for specialized testing and consultation.



Dr. Kreceman has done extensive training in abdominal ultrasound and has added a GE Logiq E ultrasound to the practice.


Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

Digital radiographs give us a very high quality image of your pet's bones, thorax, and abdomen. Radiographs are useful to diagnose specific conditions or screen for diseases such as cancer.



Microchips are a permanent way to identify your pets and they are an aid in finding them if they should ever become lost. They are about the size of a grain of rice and are easily implanted via a special syringe. A very good time to microchip your pet is during a procedure such as a spay, neuter, or dental cleaning.



We carry most medications, preventative care products, and skin care products in the mobile clinic. Due to space and storage limitations, a few items may need to be ordered.


Home delivery of medications and diets:

Just call HousePaws at 865-441-6556 to have your pet's medications ordered and shipped directly to your home. This includes heartworm and flea preventatives and other long term medications that your pet may take. Many diets from Purina, Hill's Science Diet, and Royal Canin are also available to be delivered to your home.

*This service is for established HousePaws patients only.


End of Life Care — In-home Hospice and Euthanasia

When it's time to say goodbye. In-home euthanasia is the last and final gift you can give your pet. Dr. Kreceman believes that every pet deserves a peaceful passing in a loving and safe environment. There is no better place than the warmth and familiar surrounding of their own home. Not only is it less stressful on the pet, it also allows you as the pet parent to have the privacy you need to cope with the decision of having to say goodbye for the last time. For this reason Dr. Kreceman will make every effort to take adequate time to explain the process fully to you and your family and create a quiet and unrushed experience within the privacy of your own home.


Cremation Services Available

Should you choose to have your pet cremated, this is available through Pet Cremation Services of East Tennessee. With an experienced and compassionate staff, they are ready to assist you in your time of loss. Giving you the peace of mind that the final decisions you make for your beloved pets are the right ones.




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